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Poem Studios

| Who is Poem Studios |

Poem Studios started in 2015 in Atlanta, GA. Originally starting out as a one-man team working on the Apeiron project, we have since grown to seven working on new games.


Poem Studios started by Taylor Trotter in Atlanta, GA in 2015 out of a small midtown residence, originally as a group to work on the Apeiron Project a revival of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic). The team gradually expanded to include members of the Atlanta tech startup community and eventually began to bring in international members at its peak reaching twelve people all experienced in a variety of fields.


The team currently consists of seven people, with the majority being in the US, but we have talent in Australia, Germany, Belarus, and Malaysia. Our most recent project is The Missing, ideation started in November of 2018 with full development starting in January 2019.

We maintain a strict view of the industry on what is and isn't ethical and we make our intentions and ideas openly to individuals and other companies. We support games as an artistic medium and support our fans. We look forward to proving ourselves in the game industry and set our ambitious on becoming a household name while maintaining our standards.


| Current Game: The Missing |

Our current flagship game is The Missing, click the "+" below to learn more about it and the tools we use to make them.


The Missing is an adventure crime drama game with RPG elements set in a fully explorable open world. The game takes place in 1989 in a remote West Texas town of Cinabrio. Cinabrio, being the last place your sister was seen alive two months ago, you travel there looking for answers. While the people and the police remain tight-lipped on what happened, you discover that she isn't the only missing person in the town in the last few years. The game takes wild turns leaving you unsure of how much you really want to know.


The Missing is written and founded in a Southern Gothic style. Being in the American South, this narrative style was born here and we drawn on its central themes and invoke them in The Missing. Themes include: presence of irrational, horrific, and transgressive thoughts, desires, and impulses; ambivalent gender roles, grotesque characters; dark humor, substance abuse, the supernatural, religious iconography, and an overall angst-ridden sense of alienation. Southern Gothic struggles with the concept of things that are idyllic or quixotic representations and shows them for what the realities they are, a reflection of the historical truths in the South.

Our game is not pulling punches and promises a rich open world to explore and engage in while the story has many adult elements the player can play the game that best suits their perception and personality, playing calm and cool will help with some characters but annoy others. Being a quick tempered liar can help expedite information from a player and sometimes even brandishing a loaded gun may help you get answers, and othertimes might land you in the grave. Old maids, war veterans, oil workers, prostitutes, sheriffs, business women, drunk bar flies all have their own information on what happened and how you go about gathering that information is up to you. Choose wisely, there are no take backs in The Missing.


Open Work

Currnetly we don't have any full-time positions open, check below for more information.


Our current project is being run on spec and we're not able to bring on new members of Poem Studio as full-time employees. We may be open to temporary contract work, specifically for an Unreal Engine 4 technical artist and a Sr. hard surface modeler.

We are planning to expand the team after the release of The Missing. To talk more about these positions, feel free to email the address on the top right.


| Press Releases & Info |

Updates about Poem Studios, art assets for articles, videos, and/or publicity.


We'll be uploading The Missing press release soon with additional notes and assets, until then, feel free to reach out ot us directly at the email on the top right.